Friday, April 4, 2008

Congratulations Beth, Mike and Isaiah

We were so happy to find out that we are going to be getting a new niece or nephew in Nov. Congrats Beth and Mike. We are very happy for you!


Hey everyone! I have been informed that I need to update my blog. So here it is, Beth:0)
This is our Easter picture of the boys at Franklin Bible Methodist Church in Ohio. The boys had spring break the week of Easter so the boys and I got to spend 10 days there visiting our family. We really enjoyed it.

I don't think the boys realized just how much they missed their cousins until they seen them. They couldn't get enough of them while we were visiting.

It was so nice that Spring break fell over my Mom's birthday, so we got to spend the day with her. Brandon made her two stepping stones and Ryan made her a bird house(with the help of Grandpa, of course)!

I can't say that I enjoyed the Ohio weather. It was cold(at least to me it was cold)! We did take the boys out for a little while to play. They enjoyed playing outside with Grandma. The red wagon was given to Carson by his Great-Grandpa Lavy. He really liked riding around in it.

I was able to find Carson a Bengals jersey while in Ohio. I thought it was so cute. Now the boys all have Bengals jersey's so I am going to go get their pictures done in them.

The boys enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa Williams also. Brandon helped him out in the barn in his wood shop. This is a picture of Carson and Grandpa looking out the window for the Cat.

Morgan, Brandon and Ryan at El Sombrero's on Mom's Birthday!

Finally, I made some curtains for my half bath, with the help of my Mom!

So that is my update. Don't really have much else to tell you. Hope you enjoyed the pics.