Monday, June 16, 2008

Company and more baseball

My brother Eric and his family stopped by on their way to Myrtle Beach on Friday and stayed the night with us. We went out to Outback for dinner and just hung out at the house. We had a lot of fun.

Brandon and Makenzie acting silly!!

Eric and Tracey

All of us at Outback

A kid who thinks he is cool!!!!! :')

Ryan's team won the league championship in his age group. This is a pic of their team receiving their trophy.

Ryan was also selected to the 2008 11 year old Allstar team. This is him running up after they called his name.

The 2008 Allstar team

Brandon's team made it to the finals in tournaments. They didn't win, but it was still a great accomplishment to make it that far. They came in 2nd place.

One of the Grandparents of one of Ryan's teammates got them a limo to ride to the closing ceremonies in. Thay all thought that was cool.

Carson and his friend Zoe that he plays with at Brandon's ball game.

I think he was born with baseball in his blood.

Carson taught Zoe to put the helmet on her head. How cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's my CAR??????

We walked out to our driveway at 5:30 this morning and something just wasn't right. There was something missing. No way, my car was gone. It had been stolen. Can you belive it. Someone just walked into our driveway and took our car. I spent all morning on the phone with sherriff detectives and the bank, as my purse was also in my car. The thief took my debit cards and dumped the rest of the stuff out of my purse into the bushes. So, at about 8:30 we got a call from the Kernersville police that they had located my car about 4 miles from our house. Wow, I couldn't beieve it. So, anyway, Paul started talking to all of the neighbors and found out that one of them seen some guy trying to break into another car down the road. He had gotten the license plate # and had reported it to 911. Anyway, to make a very long story short, they have him in custody, we got our car back and they recovered some other items stolen out of our car. It appears that he wasn't able to use our debit cards either. He also stole our neighbors wallet out of his car.

I think we both have learned a lesson from this. I don't think we will be leaving anything of any value in our vehicles and they will be locked from now on!

Hope your day started better than ours and ends as good as ours did.

Talk to ya later!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random pics

Nothing new happening here. Ryan finished up his baseball season last night and Brandon will finish up this weekend. Then we move on to football. This will be the boy's first year of playing football and they are very excited. They have already done one football camp and have more before official practice starts on Aug. 1. Unfortunately that means no Ohio visits for a while. I miss everybody tons and can't wait to get a weekend back to visit. I am posting a few random pics from the last few weeks. Have a great week!

Hanging out before bath time....

Brandon helping me make strawberry jam.....

Now I would call that stuck in a tight place.....

Anyone for some oreo cookies???????

What a whopper....:>)