Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A quick update

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. Most of you already know that the last month has been a whirlwind to us. Since my last post so many things have happened that I am not sure where to begin.

Brandon celebrated his 7th birthday. What a special little man he is. God has shown alot of grace on our precious boy. He is a fighter and has been since the beginning. It seems like forever ago that we were sitting at his bedside in Childrens NICU wondering what would happen. What did God have in store for us. Would Brandon survive, would he be a normal healthy child, or would he suffer severe damage from all of the trauma that he suffered. Well, I guess God has bigger and better plans than we could have ever imagined. Brandon is the healthiest, normal, happy boy we could have asked for. and believe me we did. We prayed alot and so did hundreds of others. Isn't it amazing what prayer can do;')

We spent July 4th at the beach with Steve and his family. We had lots of fun.

Prior to leaving that week for the beach we got the big surprise of the summer. The V.P. called Paul and asked him to move back to Ohio to take the position as Customer service manager. Wow, talk about surprise. We were not expecting this at all. So two weeks later and a lot of help from my parents, we moved back to Ohio and Paul started his new job. He loves it! We love being back with our family, but we do miss our friends back in N.C. a lot.

The boys have started back to school at Troy Christian. What a blessing this school is to our family. It feels like the boys are right back where they belong and that they never missed a beat. Ryan has sunk right back in with his old friends and is doing great. Brandon got the teacher that he was praying for and is making new friends. Brandon was even picked the first week of school to be "student of the week for his class." Way to go Brandon. We are soooo proud of you! We even have a special friend at TCS this year. Lauryn, my niece is going to school there now and we are just thrilled. It has been a lot of fun picking her up after school. Everybody calls my car the "big white bus" because some days all seven seats are full, and I love it.

Ryan is playing little league football. I can't believe how much fun he is having. This is his first year playing and he is doing awesome. His first game was last Saturday. He sacked the quarter back once and knocked him down hard twice. We just love watching him play. Paul just can't sit down the entire game and I am sure I am the loudest Mom on the team, not to mention the proudest. Way to go Ryan.

The rest of our time here has been spent enjoying our families.

I am going to try to post a slideshow of pictures but my internet doesn't always cooperate so keep checking back.


LJL said...

Welcome back to Ohio.